Veterinarian. Author. Speaker. Mentor.

I have found happiness in my professional journey and want to help others do the same.

We must create a profession that is more sustainable and more positive. Let’s steer this ship in the right direction.

Dr. Kate

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Hello, I'm Dr. Kate.

With a passion for mentorship and a deep desire to be a catalyst for positive change in the veterinary profession, I incorporate my years of clinical experience in small animal general practice and emergency medicine into my content for veterinary teams, students, and pet owners.

I believe that our profession is truly incredible, but we face many challenges, especially related to mental health and wellness. I have seen many professional changes happening since graduating from Penn Vet in 2013, and I am excited to be a part of this shift through mentorship, writing, and speaking.

One of the core values that guides me both personally and professionally is Relationships. This value shows up in many ways throughout my work in the veterinary profession:

  • CLIENTS: One of my favorite parts of clinical practice is connecting with clients and partnering with them to create the healthiest life possible for their pet. I have worked in small animal general practice and emergency medicine throughout western Pennsylvania, which has given me extensive experience communicating with clients in situations ranging from preventative care to end-of-life care and minor illnesses to life-threatening emergencies.
  • THE CLINIC TEAM: All members of the veterinary team are essential to successfully patient care. I have been fortunate to work with some incredible teams in both private and corporate practice settings. Team training, consistent communication, and prioritizing wellbeing are the things I have seen that make teams successful and happy.
  • MENTORSHIP: I have been fortunate to have exceptional mentors along my career path and have mentored numerous pre-vet students, veterinary students, and recent graduates since 2016. I enjoy passing along my knowledge and learning from the next generation of veterinarians as well as helping experienced vets establish mentorship programs in their clinics.
  • ORGANIZED VETERINARY MEDICINE: I believe deeply in the work of organized veterinary medicine and hold leadership positions in local, state, and national veterinary organizations. As a student, I was the 2011 National Vice President of the Veterinary Business Management Association.

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